Lumenier QAV-S JohnnyFPV Edition 5" Freestyle Drone

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Introducing the Lumenier QAV-S JohnnyFPV Special Edition 5" FPV Freestyle Drone Airframe. Released by Lumenier in collaboration with world-renowned FPV pilot Johnny Schaer (AKA Johnny FPV), the new addition to the QAV-S line features special details that enhances the performance, functionality, versatility, and ease of work.


JohnnyFPV QAV-S Special Edition

Johnny's passion for FPV flying is as strong as ever, but his flying style and requirements have continued to evolve over the years. With this in mind, he wanted to work on a new concept for a frame that serves all his needs for his current flying style: Stable Cinematic lines, gigantic dives, and full-speed acrobatic maneuvers.

After multiple revisions the Lumenier team, along with Johnny, created the Johnny FPV QAV-S edition Airframe perfectly meeting all his requirements. Features like an isolated HD camera anti-vibration platform, rapid in-field repairs with 1 screw arm swaps, custom foam mounting solution specifically for the DJI Air Unit, rubber molded antenna mounting solution for both HD and Analog setups, and much more make this frame the perfect platform for pilots who need a reliable and versatile rig for cinematic freestyle.

JohnnyFPV QAV-S Special Edition


The Johnny FPV QAV-S is a 5-inch (6" and 7" arms available as well) freestyle and cinematic airframe that is ultra-durable, easy to work on, and locked-in to perform and provide the best flight possible. This Special Edition has many small details that were well-thought-out.

  • Premium Lumenier carbon fiber with finished and chamfered edges
  • FPV camera mounting solution from CNC anodized aluminum that can be reversed to give versatility for the different camera sizes (mini size / dji size / micro size)
  • HD camera vibration damping system with custom CNC aluminum spacers mounted on rubber grommets to achieve a vibration free platform for your HD recording camera
  • The QAV-S arm locking system includes a unique hinge + press nut that elegantly secures the arms while requiring only one screw to swap the arm (does not effect electronic's stack, separate mounting system)
  • Split (2-piece) bottom plate that gives enough room for a mini camera, while also reducing the rear deck space for components
  • An isolated 20x20 and 30x30 stack mounting that lets you take care of your electronics stack without the need to alter the frame structure and overall build
  • Dji compatibility, including a custom mounting solution that secures the Air Unit in place without any additional hardware
  • Antenna mounting versatility, allowing for both HD and Analog antenna mounting, as well as SMA extension mounting all on the same semi-flexible molded rubber mount
  • Dedicated space and tie down slots for capacitor and / or radio receiver behind FPV camera


  • Material
    • Premium Lumenier 3K Carbon Fiber (fully chamfered)
    • High Grade CNC Aluminum
    • 12.9 Black Oxide Steel Hardware
    • Injection Molded Rubber
    • Molded Foam
  • Weight
    • 129g Airframe + Hardware
    • 139g Airframe + Hardware + HD Camera Plate / Foam
    • 398g Typical RTF with DJI Air Unit (excluding battery)
  • Width
    • 223mm Motor to Motor Diagonal 



  • 1 x Lumenier QAV-S JohnnyFPV Special Edition 5" FPV Freestyle Drone Airframe Kit
    • 4x 5mm carbon fiber arms
    • 2mm carbon fiber top plate
    • 2mm carbon fiber split-bottom plate top (with steel press fit nuts)
    • 3mm carbon fiber split-bottom plate bottom
    • 2x black annodized aluminum camera side walls
  • 1 x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers, cable ties, o-rings
  • 1 x Set of foam mounts for DJI Air Unit
  • 1 x Molded rubber antenna mount
  • 1 x No-slip silicone battery pad
  • 1 x Kevlar Indestructibe Battery Strap (20x250mm)
  • 4 x FPVCrate Lume Skids (Smoke Grey)


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