Lumenier LUX F4 HD Ultimate Flight Controller

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The Lumenier LUX F4 HD Ultimate Flight Controller is an advanced and powerful flight controller from Lumenier. It uses a fast and relaible F4 processor along with premium hardware components. Unleash the capabilities of your Cinema (Cine-Lifter) drone or FPV Racing Quadcopter with the Lumenier LUX F4 Ultimate Flight Controller. The LUX F4 is packed full of features including a plug for DJI HD system, 3rd generation IMU ICM42688-P, dual plug-and-play 4in1 ESC ports, 12x PWM outputs, barometer, OSD, 6x UARTs, 9-16V BEC, dual analog camera inputs, easy soldering layout, and so much more!

The LUX F4 builds on all the best features of its predecessors and further improves on hardware components and layout. You get an incredible 6x dedicated UART ports along with an onboard memory for black-box data logging. In addition, the LUX F4 can connect up to 12 PWM signals at once! That means it can easily support an Octo-copter, X8, or something even more creative with up to 12 PWM outputs. Eight of these outputs are plug-and-play ready with dual 4in1 ESC connectors right on the flight controller. Dual 4in1 ESC stacks + FC is super simple and clean now with the plug and play configuration.

The integrated BetaFlight OSD makes it super simple to display important information on your FPV display like battery voltage, flight time, warnings, RSSI, smart audio features and more. Going digital instead? No problem, simply output the OSD data via an open UART on the plug and play harness for DJI FPV Air Unit.

The features don't stop there! The LUX F4 has the ability to run 2 analog camera signals, with a built switching ability. This means you can run 2 cameras simultaneously and assign a switch via the PINIO feature in Betaflight to alternate between the 2 feeds at the flip of a switch. Installing a front and rear camera has never been easier!

Have you ever been in an FPV race where you need to plug in your quad, but you don't want to broadcast an FPV signal to knock your friends out of the air? Or how about you crash, and need to save your VTX from burning up while baking in the hot sun. With the LUX F4 you can remotely turn your VTX on or off via a switch on your radio! The LUX features an on-board 3A 9-16V regulated power pad designed to power your video transmitter (Like DJI FPV Air Unit). Using the PINIO resource, you can assign this pad to a switch on your radio, remotely controlling the power source to your video transmitter.

Long range quad and FPV plane pilots will also love the Lumenier LUX F4 . It has all the features you need to take full advantage of the long range and autonomous flight technology. The LUX F4 has an on-board barometer, buzzer pad, I2C pad, Ardupilot support, iNAV support, GPS/compass pads, and up to 12 PWM inputs for a ton of servo and motor control.

The Lumenier LUX F4 Ultimate is a very low profile board allowing it to be mounted in a variety of ways. Signal wires can be soldered directly to the break-out pads to save on size and weight or use the included plug and play cables. The LUX supports PPM or Serial RX (including FrSky, S.BUS, DSMX, etc.).

Lumenier LUX F4 HD Ultimate Flight Controller

STM32F405 has 1MB flash which can run ArduPilot/INAV/BetaFlight
InvenSense the 3rd generation IMU ICM42688-P
9-60V(3~12S LiPo) wide input voltage and voltage sense. and a 9~16V BEC for DJI OSD or analog VTX.
8motors+3servos in INAV/BF multirotor mixer.
2x SH1.0_8pin connector for PnP with 2x 4in1 ESC
1x SH1.0_6pin connector for PnP with HD System(Caddx Vista & Air Unit)
USB pin breakout for connecting to external USB adapter.

IMU: ICM42688-P
Baro: SPL06-001 (I2C)
Blackbox: 16M-byte Flash memory
6x UARTs,  1x Softserial_Tx option
12x PWM outputs (8x Dshot)
1x I2C
4x ADC (VBAT, Current, RSSI, Airspeed)
2x SH1.0_8pin connector for 4in1 ESC
1x SH1.0_6pin connector for HD System(Caddx Vista & Air Unit)
3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Green) and 3.3V indicator(Red)

Input: 9~60V (3~12S LiPo)
BEC: 5V 1.5A
BEC: Vx,  9~16V/1~2A (3S IN/9V 2A, 4S IN/12V 2A, 6S IN/16V 2A, 8S IN/16V 1.5A, 12S IN/16V 1A)
Battery Voltage Sensor: 1K:20K (INAV scale 2100, BF scale 210)
No Current Sensor built-in, supports external current sensor of PDB/4in1

INAV: MATEKF405TE (Pre-loaded by default)
With INAV firmware, DSHOT can not work on S3, S5,S7 because of DMA clash,  use ONESHOT or MULTISHOT and calibrate ESC PWM range.
BetaFlight: MATEKF405TE
ArduPilot: MatekF405-TE

Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm, Φ4mm with Grommets Φ3mm
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 5 mm (9mm max height including regulator board)
Weight: 8.5g

INAV: MATEKF405TE - Download iNav Configurator - Latest iNav Firmware
BetaFlight: MATEKF405TE - Download Betaflight Configurator - Latest Betaflight Firmware
ArduPilot: MatekF405-TE - Download ArduPilot Configurator - Latest ArduPilot Firmware
1x Lumenier LUX F4 HD Ultimate Flight Controller
1x Connecting Wire Set

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