KISS ULTRA Mini H7 Flight Controller

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- Form factor 20x20mm mounting. M3 holes.
- STM32H753 processor 480 MHz, 2MB FLASH, 1.28MB RAM
- MPU6000 gyro, SPI
- BMP388 barometer
- 2 serial ports on 6 pin connectors (SER1 / SER3), KISS compatible
- 8 pin ESC connector, backward compatible with KISS (!!! not with FETtec !!!)

Software improvements:
- KISS ULTRA Firmware
- New STM32 H7 bootloader, VCP driver
- Same hex file as KISS ULTRA
- Smart config storage… NEVER loose your configuration…
- Optimized hardware interface layer code
- Optimized adaptive filter code (CPU load is about 12-14% fully loaded !!!)
- BLHELI Passthrough
- IRC Ghost support
- TBS CSRFv3 support (ultra code)
- Improved RTH with BARO support
- KISS Weather Station (its fun)
- NO soft serial ports anymore!
- 7 serial ports exposed (dedicated serials for SA and RC telemetry)
- Camera control (analog, real DAC)
- UBX protocol GPS support
- Battery capacity / alerts, Analog current sensor
- DSHOT router (free routing between software and hardware channels)
- Up to 4 motors support with DSHOT2400 / 8 with 1wire

OSD features:
- Integrated Graphical OSD
- No OSD firmware update required
- Configurable Black and White levels, transparency
- FULL KISS configuration from OSD
- ESC configuration
- No serial port required, 50fps refresh rate
- Battery cell voltage sensor
- Crossfire tools
- Hardware test tools (rc test, gps test, video test, motor test etc)

GUI improvements:
- Forked GUI code (With permission of Flyduino)
- Design facelift, code cleanup.
- Removed odd things like pentacopters, cars and other noice.
- Web GUI without installation available at https;//
- OSD Mirror

KISS - Keep It Super Simple
FCFC - Fedor Commander Flight Controller

In the box:
Kiss FCFC Ultra
8-8 cable
8-6 cable (legacy)

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