BetaFPV 0802SE 19500KV Brushless Motors (4 Stück) Black

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0802SE 19500KV motor is a lightweight 1S motor, compared with the 0802 series brushless motors, it is not only significantly reduced the weight which is only 1.88g/pc but also ensures excellent performance of power and thrust. It makes the perfect dynamic balance, which gives the drone more flexibility and longer flying time. 

Bullet Point

  • 0802SE 19500KV Brushless Motors (2022 version) come with a completely new look. The whole motors show a silver color in the air, looking very nice.
  • Compared with 0802 19500KV brushless motors, 0802SE 19500KV is reduced by 0.15g, which is only 1.8g. While it is used on a 65mm/75mm drone, pilots can get a  more flexible flight and fly longer.
  • 0802SE Motor makes the perfect dynamic balance, which gives the drone more flexibility and longer flying time, which is perfect for the weight-sensitive 65mm brushless whoop drone.
  • Lead wire is soldered to the PCB, allowing you to repair it easier once disconnected.



  • Item: 0802SE 19500KV brushless motor
  • Weight: 1.83g/pc, 1.88g/pc (2022 version)
  • Color: Black/Ice Blue
  • Shaft length: 5mm
  • Shaft diameter: 1mm
  • Hole distance: 6.6mm
  • Motor Mount Holes: M1.4
  • Input Voltage: 1S
  • Cables: 33.5mm/35mm(2022 version) long, 30AWG cables
  • Dimensions: 10.5*10.5*13.6mm, 10.5*10.5*13.8mm(2022 version)
  • Bearings: Brass Bushings

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  • 4 * BETAFPV 0802SE 19500KV Brushless Motors (Black or Ice Blue)
  • 1 * Pack of M1.4*3 Screws


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