Ethix Heated Deluxe Lipo Bag V2

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The Ethix lipo bag specifically designed by Mr Steele himself will warm your packs to optimum ripping temps, tell you what voltage they are, charge your gopro and even feel deluxe against your hands with the robust synthetic suede lined interior.

The internal heating element is designed to run off of a 12V regulator that is built inside. The bag itself is thermally isolated and comes with a sleek zipper to keep all the dirt out, and the high temperature inside. The outer pocket stores your phone while charging, or while you're out and about.

The bag is designed to hold upto 30x 1300mAh 4S or 20x 6S 1300mAh packs neatly.

Height: 165mm
Width: 240mm
Depth: 140mm
Weight: 440g
Heater target temperature: 35°
USB Charger Input: 3S-6S
USB Charger output: up to 2A
Low Voltage Cutoff voltages: 3S @ 10.5, 4S @ 14V, 5S @ 17.5, 6S @ 21V
Maximum voltage: 25.5V
Minimum voltage: 10.5V


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Perfect - just 1 modification needed for me

It is exactly what I was looking for. Size is just about right, there is some insulation, looks durable (time will tell), interior can be adopted, it keeps the batteries on just about right temperature. Difference between heated (app. 30 degrees) and not heated (app. 5-10 degress) batteries is HUGE!!! Id say about 20-30 % at least. Current draw for heating is app. 1,2A at 12,5V DC. It has a protection so it does not kill your batteries (when operating on 4S battery it shuts down at app. 14,2 - 14,3 V - tested).
My idea was to use it mostly plugged into car 12V DC outlet (cigarret lighter socket). Ive made a cord with XT60 on one side and car 12V plug on the other. However, when the car is running, there is app. 14-14,3V on the socket. I want my car to run because of heating. So the bag thinks that there is 4S battery connected and that it is drained. So heating doesnt switch ON because of that. Ive ordered adjustable step down regulator, I will set it to app. 12,4V DC and the bag will think that fully charged 3S battery is connected and everything will be OK.

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Cant wait for the winter to come!

While I wait for winter I can actually squeeze the dji fpv goggles and the tango 2 in it. If you use the true rc stubby antennas.

Other than that - this will keep my lipos nice and warm during winter. And Ill be able to charge my goggle battery via the USB-plug in the bag.

So pretty nifty thing this!

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Sac très utile lorsquil fait froid

Grâce à ce sac, je vole 1 minute de plus car les lipos sont chauffées. Le sac consomme un peu. Il faut 2 lipos 4 s pour maintenir le sac à température sur une matinée

5 from 5
A esencial heater for batteries in winter time and a great bag for the whole year

Indispensable for winter, brilliantly designed and well made

Highly recommended.

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