iFlight SucceX Mini F4 20x20 V2 Stack 35A 2-6S BLHeli_32

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The new released SucceX Mini V2 F4 flight control has been optimized overall. The main soldering port has been upgraded to terminal plugs, which is convenient for pilots to assemble and disassemble. The F405 MUC equipped with the MPU6000 gyroscope is optimized for better flight performance. programmable RGB LED interface has been built-in for external LED to set LED color, function, and status. The built-in OSD chip helps to monitor the status of the flight data any time, IRC Tramp function is available;

Difference between SucceX Mini F4 V1 & V2

 *Version:                                                        V1                V2

*Current meter:                                         Not support      Support

*5V 10uf Capacitor on Camera Port:              No                Yes

SucceX Mini F4 V2 Specs

-MCU:168MHz STM32F405



-Betaflight OSD:YES



-Input voltage:2-6S


-Current Sensor:YES


-Buzzer Pad:YES

-Motor output:5



- UART3 (IRC Tramp)



-Mounting hole:20*20mm,f3mm with Grommets f2mm

-Dimensions 25*25mm

SucceX Mini 35A Specs




-Current Sensor:YES



-Target:iFlight-BL32 - 4-in-1

-Supports Dshot150/300/600/1200,Multishot,Oneshot

-Mounting hole:20*20mm,f3mm with Grommets f2mm

-Dimensions: 31*31mm

Package Included:

-SucceX Mini F4 V2 FC

-SucceX Mini 35A BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC


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Top Stack zu einem sehr fairen Preis! Aktueller F4 kombiniert mit der aktuellen BLHELI32 ESV Firmware im handlichen 20x20 Format!

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