Ummagawd Remix V2 FPV Freestyle Frame

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How do you make one of the best freestyle frames even better? You listen to the pilots who fly it, fix the things they don't like, and keep the things they love. That's exactly what we did.

This is the freestyle frame that changed the game, but this time, it's back with a new look and a couple of new features. We knew that pilots who fly the Remix, love their Remix, so we didn't want to leave them behind when we started designing the V2. Backwards compatibility and the ability to slowly upgrade your V1 into a V2 were important considerations during the design phase. We simply made it stronger, cleaner, and more versatile.
All hardware is now countersunk flush into the carbon.
Aluminum parts are beautifully anodized in "WarraGP Blue".
New top plate design, strengthened at the corners, removed the arm pockets, and added strap slots.
New bottom plate design, with strengthened rear end.
New redesigned camera cage, with beefier carbon protection, compatibility with both full size and micro cameras (with adapter) capable of 10 - 50 degrees of camera tilt.
Camera cage is now boxed in with the addition of a "chin plate" for added strength.
5mm arms now standard.
New stronger hatch sled with beefier sides and strengthened at the attachment locations.
Compatible with both full size and 20x20mm mounting flight controllers.
Special thanks to WarraGP for all of your help. Check out Warra's 3D printed accessories for the Remix V2 at

TRUE CENTER OF MASS - In order to achieve the most neutral flying characteristics on ALL axis, the center of mass (battery and GoPro) needed to be dead center to the source of thrust (the propellers). This meant a True-X configuration, but more importantly bringing the battery and GoPro down at the prop-line level. This means that all electronics are installed underneath the frame. This results in a frame with ZERO biases making for predictable flight, allowing the flight controller to work LESS.

EASY TO WORK ON - Breaking things is simply part of the hobby. And if you're breaking things, you're probably pushing yourself. As you should! The Remix was designed such that when push comes to shove, an arm should break first. With this in mind, we made arms that can be swapped in less than 2 minutes. The hardware that holds the arms aren't shared with the flight controller or any other structural part. Remove one bolt and simply loosen another and the arm slides right out. The bottom "hatch" assembly was designed much like the hood of a car. Remove 2 bolts and the bottom hatch opens up allowing easy access to your components.

PRACTICALITY - The rollcage-like design up front allows low or high tilt camera positions all while providing protection. Above that is an angled spot to mount your GoPro (or other) HD camera. The bottom sled protects your electronics that mount underneath. Zip tie slots out back make it easy to mount antennas. The arms have slots to route your motor wires underneath, protecting them from the props. The arm ends have extended "paws" to provide a little more motor protection. And anodized aluminum pieces are used to mount your GoPro and keep your lipo pigtail neatly fixed.

INNOVATION - With the battery mounted in the middle, there was a need to develop a battery pad that simply cannot slip. After testing a combination of polyurethanes, adhesives, and bonding techniques... the new standard of battery pads was born. Now known as "Ummagrip", this battery pad is sticky enough to fly without a battery strap (although we DO NOT recommend doing that!). When matched with a high quality lipo strap, your battery won't slip in a crash.

TrueX Motor Layout
True Center of Mass Design
Frame weight = 126g
Fits up to 5.5" Props
Motor to Motor = 250mm
High Quality Carbon Fiber with Chamfered Edges
Black Oxide Coated Steel Alloy Countersunk Hardware
Innovative CNC Aluminum lipo hook
Quick access to electronics compartment
Fits both full size and micro sized FPV cameras (with adapter)
EZ Swap 5mm Thick Arms (Remove just 1 screw)
Ummagrip Battery Pad

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