Tweaker Shendrones 180mm Frame

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TWEAKER 180mm Carbon Frame

Mini FPV Racing Frame

  • 180mm Motoren abstand
  • 35mm Abstand zwischen den Platten
  • 20° FPV Kamera Neigung
  • Propeller: 4 Zoll
  • Gewicht:  67g


  • TWEAKER 180mm Frame als Bausatz

The Tweaker is a 180 size micro quad for 4" props, with 20 degrees of built-in fpv cam tilt and 35mm spacing between body plates. With its ample space the Tweaker builds up as easily as a mini and accepts all the same components.

The Tweaker is incredibly fun to fly, quicker and more point-and-shoot than a mini, easier to shoot through gaps. What it loses in top speed it makes up for in agility and fun factor.

The Tweaker weighs 67 grams, takes 1300 or 1800 series motors, as well as 2200 series motors using just the inner 16mm mounting holes. 2200 motors will overhang the arms slightly, so choose the FPV Addiction editon with thicker arms and motor protection if you're running 2200's.

Twisted Quads have a full line of 3d printed Tweaker accessories!

Buying parts for your Tweaker? Pick up the frame at Multirotorsuperstore at the same time and save on shipping.

Note to international customers: Shopify's international rates are less competitive, I can generally get a lower rate elsewhere. I will refund you the difference immediately.

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