TBS Tango 2 Pro und Mambo Gimbal V2

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Replacement V2 Gimbal for your Mambo or Tango 2 remote control.

The new gimbal has been a development long in the making. Collecting all customer feedback over the last 3 years, we managed to manufacture to tighter tolerances with stronger materials to produce a more accurate, better feeling and more robust gimbal while keeping the cost minimal.

If you are considering an upgrade from your existing Mambo or Tango 2, here is a list of all improvements / benefits:

Better reliability against temperature deformation
Polished, harder material for very smooth throttle feel
Metal lever for more accurate centering and extremes
Bigger control over throttle and pitch range
Minor design improvements to reduce manufacturing tolerances
Easier calibration despite the use of advanced 3D hall effect sensors
Combine with our gimbal lubricant for the ultimate in gimbal experience. 


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