TBS Source PodRacer 4"

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The SOURCE PODRACER is a ultralight racing frame, made for speed addicts and grassroots fpv racers. It is designed to maximize speed and minimize drag. It fits and protects all the current toothpick-style FPV components and is optimized for light weight. The SOURCE PODRACER is your perfect race winner, and is recommended for pro racing pilots only.

The SOURCE PODRACER project is a collaborative FPV frame project initiated by Team BlackSheep. The frame is donated to the community to empower creators and makers, and integrate best practices and current trends faster into a continuously manufactured product. In return, it allows the local distribution network to have cheap and direct access to a good frame in order to allow them compete in an increasingly predatory marketplace.

The hope is for this frame to enable broad access to FPV thanks to a low price point, great documentation and wide availability of compatible parts and accessories, without violating other people’s intellectual property.

Project discussion: Coming Soon
Project files: Coming Soon
3D Printed files on Thingiverse: Coming Soon
3D Printed Parts (STL) Coming Soon
1 x Carbon Frame Set
1 x Nylon SLS Printed Pod
1 x Screw Set

Wheelbase: 160mm
Stacking Mounting Plate:  1.5mm
Bottom Plate: 1.5mm
Arms: 4mm thick
Stack Mout:  19 x19mm, 26x26mm, 20x20mm
Motor Mount: 12 x 12mm & 9 x 9mm
Frame weight: 35g

8 x M2x9mm countersunk screws
4 x M2x12mm Countersunk screws
30 x M2x6mm Socket head screws
4 x M2x10mm Socket screws
1 x 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate
1 x 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Bottom Plate
4 x 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
Black Nylon 3D printed canopy

The part recommendations are put together by our engineers and pilots. We strive for reliability and high quality in all of our selections, which may cost a bit extra but it allows you to enjoy the frame much more!

AIO: BetaFPV Toothpick F4 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 20A
Motors: 1505 - 3600kv
Camera: RunCam Racer Nano 2
VTx: TBS Unify Pro32 Nano or TBS Unify Pro Nano
Antenna: TBS Triumph Pro (U.FL)  *Strongly recommended, the pod is designed for this antenna.
Props:  4" - HQ Durable Prop T4
Battery: 450 - 650mAh, 3-4S

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EIn schöner Toothpick ist das in meinen Augen. Er sieht natürlich aus wie die meisten anderen. Aber er hat wechselbare Arme, was für mich und mein Flugverhalten einfach gut ist. Der Pod ist auch sehr fein

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