TBS Soft Mount Silikon-Kit

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 Soft mounting - the Theory

The transition between hard and soft materials provides vibration absorption. By squeezing a soft piece of silicone between the motor and the frame, certain vibration frequencies will get attenuated. Without soft mounting the vibration noise may saturate the gyro reading, making it impossible for the gyro to distinguish signal from noise. The end result is high frequency shakes or spastic movements of your quad - either at full throttle or mid throttle - that remain regardless of your PID values.

In most cases, soft-mounting the flight controller or motors will get rid of these issues. With the TBS soft-mount silicone kit, you'll get everything necessary to improve the flight handling of your quads.


When soft-mounting, you need to be aware of the advantages as well as the disadvantages. In essence, soft-mounting is a vibration filtration technique. Every kind of filtering introduces latency. By allowing the motors to move just a tiny bit, we create a slower response from the quad. It will manifest itself as a "smoother" response to your control inputs, but also mean that your muscle-memory may need to go through some minor re-adjustment. The downsides can be considered minimal, just don't expect to have your cake and eat it too, is what we're saying.


    9x Motor mount 16/19mm pattern
    9x O-ring 5mm diameter, 3mm hole


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TBS Soft Mount Silikon-Kit

Habe die Softmounts für mein Chameleon Frame gekauft.
Die Mounts passen optimal unter die TBS Mr. STEELE Motoren. Es muss nur darauf geachtet werden die Mounts nicht allzu fest zu ziehen, sonst drückt sich das Silikon in das Loch der Motorwelle und euer Motor schleift quasi am Silikon.

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So einfach, so gut

Schön weiche silikon pads, was will man mehr. Kleben so gut, dass ich sie auch schon mal wiederverwendet habe,

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Zwingend notwendig bei Verwendung des TBS Powercubes, oder wer Probleme bei den PIDs hat

Dieses TBS Soft Mount Silikon-Kit passt perfekt in die TBS Oblivion. (...und auch andere Quadrocopter). Das Problem ist meistens, wenn Flightcontroller nicht softgemounted sind, diese die Vibrationen der Motoren abbekommen und den FC in manchen Drehzahlbereichen stören... Durch diese Soft Mounts werden aber diese Motor-Vibrationen herausgefiltert, wodurch der Quadrocopter wesentlich ruhiger fliegt. Eine klare Kaufempfehlung von meiner Seite aus!