Rotor Riot Hypetrain The DAB 1104 7500kv Motor

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The Hypetrain DAB was designed to be tons of fun for tiny platforms. Pair with high-performance 2 or 2.5 inch propellers. On a 2S battery, the thrust is snappy yet docile and controllable, Perfect for a very lightweight build to fly tight areas indoors. On a 3S batteries, these motors really shine. Enough power to make you forget that you?re flying such a small machine!

Kv: 7500
Bearings: 502ZZ-NMB
Stator diameter: 11mm
Stator height: 4mm
Weight: 5.9g (including the wire)
Wire length: 75mm
Shaft size: f1.5
Mounting Crew Pattern: 9mm
Input Voltage: 2s-3s
1x Hypetrain The DAB 1104 7500kv Motor
4x M2 x 4mm Screws
4x M2 x 6mm Screws
1x Replacement Washer
1x Replacement C-clip


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