Radiomaster TX16S AG01 CNC Hall Gimbal Set

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Designed and tested for over a year, the AG01 gimbals have been in development with our engineers and champion pro pilots such as MCK, Alex Campell, Noical, Veysi.FPV, AZFPV, Xiao Zheng, and Long XL to meet the demanding requirements of the world’s most competitive racing events.

The AG01 is fully CNC milled for ultimate precision with quad ball bearings for a smooth and precise feel. Featuring front-accessible tension and travel adjustment for easy fine-tuning. The AG01 will take your TX16s to the next level.

Type: AG01 Full CNC Hall Gimbal
Full CNC Gimbal
Product model: AG01
Sensing type: Hall
Working voltage: DC 3.3V
Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
Adjustable travel range: 38°—54°
Adjustable mode: Yes
Adjustable tension: Yes
Quad bearing: Yes
Temperature range: -20°c-85°c
Size: 60*53*56mm
Weight: 82g/pc
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Package Includes
2 * AG01 CNC Hall Gimbal (Centering / Throttle)
2 * TX16S Softer Tension Spring Set
2 * Hexagon socket screwdriver
1 * Manual


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5 von 5
Level up your radio.

Like: I just love how smooth they are, and the haptic I get on full stick deflection, and I already know I dont want to go back to the original ones at all.

Dislike: Im a thumper, and while every YouTuber highlights that the stick ends are made for thumping.. They are too sharp. The tips are like little blades that cut into my thumbs when using them. They have great grip, mind you, but after 2 hours of usage I just have to give my thumbs some time to recover (and it can take an hour till the finger print reader of my ipad recognizes my prints again..).

All in all, can recommend 5/5 stars.

5 von 5
Next Level tx16s

Also die Gimbals fühlen sich mega smooth an. Die Stickends sind auch Bombe. Also das Upgrade lohnt sich absolut.

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