Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400Kv SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor

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Skitzo Special EditionThe new Lumenier 2400kv RX2205 and RB2205C "Skitzo" limited edition motors fill a gap in Lumenier's multi-rotor motor lineup, by hitting the sweetspot of power and weight.

With a 2400kv rating and 2205 stator size the new RX and RB 2205 slot in perfectly between the Lumenier RX2204 and RX2206 motors, some of the most popular drone racing and FPV freestyle motors on the market. With this new 2205, Lumenier now offers very granular motor choices from 2204, 2205, and 2206 across various kv ratings providing you great choice when specifying your build components. The new 2205 motors come in at sub 24g continuing Lumenier's tradition of creating some of the lightest racing motors on the market.

The new Lumenier 2205 motors comes in two versions. The RX2205 leverages stainless steel bearings and silver anodized, CNC-ed aluminum components while this RB2205 "Skitzo" limited edition comes in a lush purple color and deploys high quality ceramic ball bearings. Ceramic ball bearings have long been deployed in RC applications such as high performance car racing and offer the benefit of increased life span, cooler running temperatures, and super smooth and quiet performance. Lumenier is among the first brushless motor companies to deploy ceramic ball bearings in the 22 motor size for multi rotor applications.

Carefully assembled and dynamically balanced in Lumenier's climate controlled facility, the new Lumenier 2205 motors deploy new glue technology, application robots for even glue distribution, and advanced curing procedures to ensure magnets won't slip -- even under the tremendous demands put on them during drone racing and FPV freestyle events.

"These are hands down the smoothest motors I have ever flown."



1x Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor
1x Lumenier M5 Black Aluminum Low Profile Lock Nut (CW)
4x M3x5 Button head screws

Kv 2400
Bearing Ceramic Bearings
Configuration 12N14P
Windings 12 turn DLRK
Termination D (Delta)
Stator Diameter 22mm
Shaft Diameter 3mm
Motor Dimension 27x17mm
Weight 24g (with wires)
Idle Current @12.6v (Io) 0.81A
Cells (LiPo) 2-4S
Max Continuous Current (A) 60s 20A
Max Burst Current <10s 32A
Max Continuous Power (W) 60s 290W
Max Efficiency Current (2.2-6A) 80%
Internal Resistance (Rm) 260mO
Motor Wire Length 100mm
Motor Connection Bare Wire

Static Thrust Data

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Smooth and Efficient

Got these motors and fell in love on that instant ( Color size ceramic bearings). These got me 30-50 extra seconds per lipo yet they feel pretty powerful. Dont be scared about the benchtests about the thrust they are is plenty of it. If you are looking for good freestyle / casual flying motors and are willing to spend little more cash these will be perfect for you. In a nutshell these are super smooth, super efficient and powerful enough to please your needs.

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Die Motoren laufen auf einem QAV-R 5 mit TBS Powercube. ... Hervorragend! ;)
Lieferung / Lieferzeit bei n-Factory wie immer einwandfrei und schnell!

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Lumenier 2400kv Skitzo

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Schön Smooth und effizient.
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