Lumenier Multifunktions RGB LED Rücklicht

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With drone racing becoming more and more popular, clear and consistent LED lighting solutions are becoming a requirement by most race organizers. The solution Lumenier has spent months on perfecting takes a holistic view to solving the LED lighting challenge that makes life easy for the pilot and builder, provides consistent and clear lighting for racing drones and race organizers, and assists the audience seeking to identify pilots during day and night racing and aerobatics events.

The Lumenier LED lighting solution is powered by this Multifunctional RGB LED Tail Light and system controller. Easily powered by 5v to 26v, the LED Tail board provides a simple push button to cycle through many solid color choices and pre-programmed patterns. The LED Tail board can provide power and control signals for additional Arm LED boards (not included), as well as additional LED boards that are daisy chained after the 4 supported Arm LED boards -- powering side LEDs, top LEDs, etc.

The LED Tail board can power its own 9 RGB LEDs, 4 LEDs on up to 4 Arm LED boards (16 LEDs), and an additional 20 LEDs that are daisy chained after the 4 Arm LED boards -- for up to 45 LEDs total.

Holding the button on the LED Tail board switches the board into "Cleanflight Mode", which enables you to program the 9 LEDs of the LED Tail board and any number of LEDs that are daisy chained thereafter (Cleanflight can support a total of 32 LEDs).

The LED Tail board stores the last setting it was in when it is power cycled. One of the modes of the LED Tail board is an "OFF" mode that turns all LEDs off.

Additional products to build the full system:
LED Arm Board
QAV-R LED Power and Signal Distribution Board

16 pre-programmed colors / patterns
Height: 32mm
Width: 32mm
Weight: 4g
1.5mm thick PCB, 5mm including LEDs and components
Onboard 5v/1A regulator (5-26v direct input)

1x Lumenier Multi-functional RGB LED Tail Light
2x Heat shrink tubing for stand offs
2x 1x3 single row pin header
4x Mini Zip Ties



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Absolut Spitze

Habe das Rücklicht ohne den Rest in Verwendung, passt natürlich auf den QAV-R wie dafür gemacht, der Einbau ist total easy und der praktische Knopf bietet auch ohne Cleanflight/Signal Steuerung ne Menge voreingestellte Muster.
Nicht das günstigste Rücklicht - aber ich werde es wieder kaufen!

5 von 5
Top Beleuchtung

Angeschlossen an SP3, funktioniert super :)

5 von 5
Multi LED

Top Rücklicht, auch bei Entfernung noch gut sichtbar👍👍👍einfache Montage, ist sein Geld absolut wert ❗️❗️