Lumenier 4Power Quick Swap Power Distribution Board

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The Quick Swap PDB enables solder-less arm connections with ESC power being routed into specially designed power taps and the ESC Servo connection being made available on the side underneath the power connection. This enables you to detach both ESC power and Servo connections in seconds and without the need of a soldering iron or to take your airframe apart.

It's compatible with any ESC and does not require any special connectors to be fitted to the ESCs either, just bare power wires is all that's needed - although 2mm bullet connectors are a perfect fit as well. The Quick Swap board uses the standard mounting holes used by most flight controllers of 30.5mm. This board makes servicing of airframes such as the QAV-R a breeze. Carry a few pre-built arms and downtime from a damaged motor or burned out ESC is minimized significantly. The included right angle pin headers can be soldered directly to the PDB. There are solder pads adjacent to the pin header holes enabling you to use short wire to jump the ground/signal wire to your flight controller. By implementing this feature your ESC signal cable can be hot swapped without the need for desoldering from the FC.


    Dimensions: L36 x W50 x H8mm (mounting holes at 30.5mm)
    Weight: 13g
    Material: 2mm PCB, 2oz copper with ENIG plating for high current


    1x 4Power Quick Swap PDB
    4x 10cm Male servo cable to bare wire
    2x 1x6 right angle pin headers


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