ImpulseRC Apex LiPo Pad Ummagrip

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This Apex specific Ummagrip battery pad is 100mm long, by 52mm wide, and 2mm thick. This pad was molded directly onto high quality 3M permanent adhesive and then precission die cut to perfectly fit the Apex top plate.

When every part of your quad must perform, don’t let your battery pad be the weak link. After an exhaustive search, Tommy found a material that would eliminate the issue of ejected batteries while still providing some protection. This ultra sticky battery pad keeps your lipo’s locked in place, and when combined with a high quality lipo strap, ejected and damaged batteries are a thing of the past. After testing a variety of formulas, thicknesses, stiffness, and bonding adhesives, this final iteration became Ummagrip.

We’ve found that a damp sponge is the best method to clean off your Ummagrip. Water is all that’s needed to get dust and dirt un-stuck from the pad, but as it get’s cleaner and drier, it gets more and more sticky. So avoid things like paper towels, tissues, tshirts, or rags as they might leave too much lint behind.


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Der Apex Frame ist ja sehr schön vom Aufbau her. Irgendwie war ich mir nicht sicher, wie ich mein ummagawd verbauen soll, ohne dass es unschön aussieht. Mit dem zwar etwas teureren klappt es dann sehr gut

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