Hyperlite FlosStyle 5" Acro Freestyle Frame

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5? ~85g (will be ~87g in the future)
Diagonal: 238mm
Sideways: 159mm
Front to back: 177mm

6?~92g (will be ~99g in the future)
Diagonal: 273mm
Sideways: 183mm
Front to back: 201mm


~85g built for 5?, ~92g for 6? and all built tough
Three 20x20 stack platforms side by side
Or one 30x30 with a 20x20 next to it
Arm screws have zero integration with any stacks
Stacks are completely independent from the core frame structure
Uses 5mm thick 6? and 7? arms from the Floss 2.1 as 5? and 6? arms respectively
Low and narrow top deck for managed CG and disk unloading
8mm long screws included for motor mounting on the 5mm arms (16 quantity)
Top and bottom body plates are the same, lower brace is different
27mm standoff spacing, micro cameras ONLY
20mm build height
GoPro mount platform same as Flowride and Floss series
Battery on top recommended but can also be underneith
All 12.9 hardness steel bolts
Open structure allows for easy build and maintenance
Robust motor bumpers

Kit includes:

2x FlosStyle  boomerang arms in 5mm
2x FlosStyle body plate (same for top and bottom)
1x Lower bracing strut for under the arms.
5x M3x20mm 12.9 hardness
18x M3x8mm 12.9 hardness
10x M3x6mm 12.9 hardness
6x M3 flanged aluminum locknut (Gun metal)
5x M3x15mm aluminum knurled standoff (Gun metal)
5x M3x20mm  aluminum knurled standoff (Gun metal)
2x M3x3mm nylon nut (Black)
1 x 3D printed FPV micro camera mount

16 of the 18 8mm screws are for your motors, the other two are for the bottom of the front standoffs if you choose to use the nylon nuts for extra camera wiggle room.

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