Hedwig Shendrones 145mm Frame Rot

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Hedwig 145mm Carbon Frame

Hedwig is a 145mm true X 3" frame with a 2.5mm bottom plate and a 1.6mm top plate. The front and rear are 3d printed TPU, with 15mm of stack height. Hedwig is made specifically for the Furious Pico BLX FC, and will not fit a standard 36x36 fc. It's also specifically designed for 500 mah battery, and this camera (wide angle version). AUW with battery is easily under 250 g. 

Read more about it here.


  • 145mm Motoren abstand
  • Propeller: 3 Zoll
  • Gewicht: 


  • Hedwig 145mm Frame als Bausatz


Frame Größe:

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