HGLRC Sector X5 FPV Racing Drone Analog 6S PNP

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HGLRC Sector X5 FR 5 Inches FPV Freestyle Racing Drone video shooting

*Replaceable arms for quick disassembly without taking apart the whole frame
*A fixed power outlet for convenience and protecting your power cable from cutting by propellers
*GPS pre-installed for more safety in the distance with GPS Rescue Mode
*Dust-proof straps covering both sides to better protect your rig and keep them clean
*CNC aluminum side plates combined with 3D printed parts to make your drone look dope!

Product Name:HGLRC Sector X5 FPV Racing Drone Analog Version

HGLRC Sector X5 FR Freestyle Frame
Model:5 inches Frame

Zeus F722 mini FC
FC Firmware:BF HGLRCF722
Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo

Zeus 45A V2 4in1 ESC
Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo
Steady Current:45A
Peak Current:55A(10 Sec)
ESC firmware:BL_S (F-H-40)

Zeus 800mW VTX
Output Power:PIT/25/100/200/400/800mW
Input Voltage:DC6-26V

Caddx Ratel 2 FPV Camera
Input Power:DC 5-40V

AEOLUS 2306.5 Motor
Motor: KV1900 6S
Input voltage:3-6S
Recommended blade:5 inches

HQProp&Ethix S5 5 inch 3-blades Propeller
Quantity:4 CW & 4 CCW

Package includes:
1x HGLRC Sector X5 FR Frame
1x Zeus F722 mini FC
1x Zeus 45A V2 4in1 ESC
1x Zeus 800mW VTX
1x Caddx Ratel 2 FPV Camera
4x AEOLUS 2306.5 Motor
8x HQProp&Ethix S5 Propellers
1x SMA Hammer Antenna (RHCP)
1x M80 GPS
1x Receiver (optional)

Recommended battery:


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