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GEPRC 35 HD Freestyle (SMART 35 HD Freestyle) , The brand new 3.5-inch Freesyle Quadcopter of GepRC Phantom series. There are two versions of SMART 35 HD Freestyle: Vista Nebula nano and Analog 5.8G 600MW.

The SMART 35 Freestyle is a small, lightweight freestyle FPV. If you are looking for a small, freestyle and faster FPV, SMART 35 Freestyle is your best choice.

SMART 35 Freestyle is the first choice of 3.5-inch Freestyle Drone. High efficiency power system, GEPRC 1404-3850KV motors and EMAX 3.5*2.8*3 propellers, Combining with the latest superior GEP-F4-35A AIO flight control system and VISTA HD image transmission system, It could be easily reach stable and flexible flight experience through abundant testings and Flight Analysing, If equipped with a 1100mAh battery, the flight time is 13 minutes, and Even bring the Gopro Lite camera it can fly 12 minutes.

SMART 35 Freestyle was independently designed a GoPro camera mount, with Gopro Hero 8 Naked Camera, Recording 4k 60 fps Magnificent Shooting During Racing and Freestyle condition.

First and last, this is a wonderful 3.5-inch Freesyle Quadcopter. It is Light-weight, Flexible and has excellent flight performance.The GepRC Phantom 35 HD Freestyle is an impressive product that delivers high-quality video and brings unrivalled Whoop Freestyle.


Sub-250g Micro Freestyle ToothPick Drone.
The arm is made of 4mm carbon plate with high frame strength. It can also be equipped with front and rear reinforcing arms to strengthen the upper part.
Equipped with Vista Nebula nano HD image transmission system.
Use 1404-3850kv motor, high efficiency and incredible power.
The 3.5-inch lightweight design is suitable for freestyle flight.
Using the mainstream F411 AIO flight system, the electronic system runs more stably.
Independent design of  GoPro Hero8 Naked Camera 3D Print Mount, which can carry GoPro6 / 8 and Insta Go2.

Brand: GEPRC
Model: SMART 35 HD Vista + RunCam WASP
Frame: GEP-ST35
Wheelbase: 155mm
Top plate thickness: 2.0mm
Bottom plate thickness: 4.0mm
Arms plate thickness: 4.0mm
Flight Controller System:GEP-F411-35A AIO
MCU: STM32F411
OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
Firmware target: GEPRCF411-35A AIO
Power input: 4S LiPo
VTX: Vista
Camera: RunCam WASP
Antenna: Momoda 5.8g UFL LHCP
Motors: GR1404-3850KV
Props: EMAX 3.5*2.8*3
Weight: 137.6g
Receiver: TBS Nano Crossfire RX
Motors & Batteries Recommended:
Motors: GR1404-3850KV
Battery: Lipo 4S 850mAh – 1300mAh

1 x SMART 35 HD Nano Quads
2 x EMAX3.5*2.8*3 Props(Pairs)
8 x Foot pad
1 x The silicone pad
1 x L-shaped screwdriver
2 x Antenna protection tube
1 x 15*200mm Battery strap


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