GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 Case

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GEPRC team specially designed a brand-new case for GoPro hero 8 naked. The case is made of ABS material with light weight and high strength, and the surface is sprayed with oil. It feels silky and injection molding process.It will be more suitable for the shooting needs of movie drone machine

Model: GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 case
Brand name: GEPRC
Color: Black/Blue
Material: ABS
Surface: Surface spray technology
Size: 60mm*39.5mm*22mm
Weight: 11.2g(with base)

Use ABS material with light weight and high strength
Surface is smooth and delicate with oil spray technology
Reserved POWER/MODE and REC button hole
Has SD card anti pop design to protect  the SD card from pop-up
Case include UV pretection lens to protect camera
Specially designed for GoPro Hero 8 main board and GEPRC BEC board for perfect installation
Include mounting base ,which is easy to install
Front opening design for good heat dissipation


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