GEPRC Crocodile4 Baby 4" F722 Long Range Analog PNP

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The most distinguished 4 inch Micro Long Range quadcopter,With superb light-weight design frame and more than 28 Minutes flight time,GEPRC Crocodile Baby 4inch is launching right now,It was just a complete out-of-body experience.

Crocodile Baby 4 inch is the lightest 4-inch Micro Long Range FPV at present.The minimum takeoff weight is within 250g,which conforms to FAA rules.If you are looking for a FPV that can fly around 30 minutes,Crocodile Baby 4 inch is powerful and flexible will satisfy all your needs.

Crocodile Baby 4 inch is the preferred choice for Micro Long Range flight.The High efficiency power system,New Produced GEPRC 1404 2750kv motor and Gemfan 4024 propeller,Using the latest GEP-20A-F4 AIO flight control system, and combine with DJI HD picture transmission system,It is very stable flight and providing a feeling of “easy control” that inspires confidence, especially among novice.In the hands of a skilled pilots, the Crocodile Baby can bring extreme awesome experience as well.Extensive testing ensures that frame and system hold up in any environment,It can work well and get better flight efficiency.If equipped with GEPRC Lion VTC6 3000mAh battery,flight time is more than 28 minutes.

Crocodile Baby 4 inch independently designed GPS module, added GPS function.When signal losing or VTX out of control,It can be start the rescue mode of betaflight (in emergency,The FPV fly back to the approximate position of the base,If the signal is get again,Be sure to operate the FPV to landing manually.) ,The Rescue mode won’t landing automatically.Crocodile baby integrates GEPRC Finder. If the FPV lost and disconnects the battery power,the beeper of GEPRC Finder will making the sound constantly.

Crocodile Baby 4 inch is assembled and debugged by GEPRC TEAM,Improved performance and the flight performance of the whole FPV always superior in Micro Long Range FPV flight.

Model: Crocodile Baby 4″ Analog
he thickness of the top plate:1.5mm
The thickness of the bottom plate:2.0mm
The thickness of the arms plate:2.5mm
XT30 Connector
Flight Controller System:GEP-F7-35A(New AIO)
Type-C USB interface
OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
Integrated LC Filter
Power input:4S LiPo
VTX:STABLE F4 5.8g 600mW VTX
Props:Gemfan 4024
Antenna:GEPRC Momoda 5.8g RHCP
Motors:GR1404 2750KV
Crocodile Baby 4″ 242g (Include 4S 750mAh battery)
Motors & Batteries Recommended:
Motors:GR1404 2750KV
Battery:4S 650mAh – 1300mAh Lipo or 4S Lion 3000mAh

1x Crocodile Baby 4″ Analog Quads
4x Gemfan 4024 Props(pairs)
2x The silicone pad
3x L-shaped screwdriver
1x Antenna protection tube
1x Spare front arms
1x Spare rear arms
2x 12*180mm battery strap
1x 15*200mm battery strap
1x  Adjustment Board of Camera
If equipped with GEPRC Lion VTC6 3000mAh Battery,flight time is more than 28 minutes.


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Ich finde das Setup von GepRC äußerst gelungen. Ich durfte ihn zuletzt einmal fliegen und war wirklich positiv überrascht von dem Crocodile. Die Kamera macht für analoge Kameras ein wirklich gutes Bild und fliegen tut er auch wie er soll

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