Furious FPV FORTINI F4 32Khz OSD Rev.2

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Fortini F4 with BF OSD - This Changes Everything.

After a full year of study & experience with the Radiance & KOMBINI flight controllers, we've gathered every aspect of customer feedback in an ultimate effort to produce the single most cutting edge flight controller the FPV market has ever seen. Hold on - you don't want to miss this.

Enter the all new Fortini F4 - the culmination of years of research and application as we push forward into the outer limits of FPV. With a new high performance, low noise 32kHz Invensense 20602 gyro that features ultra high sensitivity, this FC is designed for outright performance, offering ultra crisp flight characteristics that will be felt in every move you make. Want more? Don't worry - just look below.

With a massive array of (5) UARTS, the Fortini allows simultaneous connection of SBUS, S.PORT, OSD, USB and either a TBS Smart Audio System or Immersion RC Tramp. Furthering this, the Fortini is the very first flight controller that offers built in input & output Inrush Voltage Protection to protect the BEC and other electronic components in the case of extreme voltage spikes.

Soft mounted for the ultimate in vibration protection. The Fortini is also the very first FC to allow S.PORT direct connection with the receiver without any aspect of receiver modification.

The Fortini is the full up package, breaking new ground in true FC brilliance. Toss compromise out the window and open your FPV world to the most functional and feature packed FC you have ever seen before.

Download User Manual: FORTINI F4


- High Performance, Low Noise, Ultra Sensitive 32kHz Invensense 20602 Gyro

- Five UARTS for Simultaneous Connections of SBUS, S.Port, OSD, and USB

- UARTS Connection Options for TBS Smart Audio or Immersion RC Tramp

- Betaflight OSD

- Integrated Soft Mount Rubber Damping for Maximum FC Functionality

- Inrush Voltage Protection Input & Output via Transient Voltage Suppressor

- High Quality 5V 2A BEC w/ 2S - 6S Voltage Input Range

- Built In Driver Inverter for SBUS and Smart Port Connection

- Separate Power Supply for Gyro w/ LDO for Low Noise & High Accuracy

- 3.3V - 5V Selectable BEC Output for Rx

- Fully Capable to Power Rx via USB Port

- Very clean and easy to connect to 4-in-1 ESC


Pakage includes:

- Fortini F4 Flight Controller x 1pc

- Damper M3 x 4pcs


Gyro: Invensense 32kHz 20602 Gyro

UARTS Ports: (5)

BEC: 5V 2A 2S 7.4V - 6S 22.2V Input Voltage Range (3.3V - 5V Rx Selectable)

Weight: 5.5g

Size: 36x36mm


Invensense 32kHZ Gyro - Nothing but the Best.

Fly it like it's on rails. With cutting edge gyro functionality, the 32kHz Invensense 20602 gyro is the best of the best, offering epic flight characteristics every time you take to the skies. Utilizing low noise & high sensitivity, this gyro makes every flight simply unforgettable.

Simultaneous Connection Functionality - Keep It Social.

With the ability to integrate so many systems into (1) flight controller, the Fortini F4 pushes the realms of connectivity with (5) UARTS, allowing SBUS, S.PORT, OSD, USB and either TBS Smart Audio or Immersion RC Tramp functionality. Simply put, this bad boy is feature packed in every possible way.


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Love the form factor of this FC everything is ver well organized really easy to mount and true race performance.