Furious FPV Bluetooth Module VTX-RACE

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Functionality is the game and simplicity is the key!

The Bluetooth module is specially designed for the FuriousFPV product, the Furious team has been hard at work, incorporating intuitive setup capability via Bluetooth technology. This brilliant system offers a dedicated Furious FPV app for iOS & Android, allowing users to adjust channels & other functionality with ease via ultra-simplified smart phone setup. It just doesn't get much simpler than that.


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Furious Fpv vtx Bluetooth Modul

Ich nutze auf mehreren meiner Builds FuriousFPV Videosender. Diese Bluetooth Modul macht diese perfekt einstellbar über eine (in meinem Fall) Android App. Manchmal benötigt diese zwar einen Neustart, alles in allem aber ein gut funktionierendes System.