FlightOne Spark32 V2 4n1 50A ESC

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Note: This is the Spark32 V2 version. Use the correct wiring diagram from flightone.com/support
Note: When using a Millivolt V2, an external 5v bec is needed.

Four ESCs Built Into One
The FlightOne Spark32 4n1 electronic speed controller (ESC) provides the power of BlHeli_32 performance in a tiny package. This makes your electronic stack small, and eliminates the need for an additional PDB. The Spark32 4n1 ESC performs great, helps clean up any build, and is perfect for your 5? light weight builds for maximum power.

weight: 7.1 grams
20 mm x 20 mm mounting hole spacing
50 Amps per channel
D-Shot ready
3s ? 6s compatible
Connects directly to the MillivoltOSD
Voltage sent to flight controller and mah consumption
Easy Install
High quality components


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