Matek F411 Mini WING Flight Controller iNav

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Matek F411-WING 20x20
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FC Specifications

MCU: 100MHz STM32F411
IMU: MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro (SPI)
Baro: BMP280 (I2C)
OSD: INAV OSD w/ AT7456E chip
Blackbox: No
VCP & 2x UARTs
2x Motors, 5x Servos outputs
1x I2C
3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Red) and 3.3V indicator(Red)
Built in inverter for SBUS input (UART1-RX)
SoftSerial_Tx1: ST1 pad by default
PPM: ST1 pad with softserial disabled
Battery Voltage Sensor: 1:10 (Scale 1100)
WS2812 Led Strip : Yes
Beeper : Yes
FC Firmware

INAV Flight
Target: MATEKF411

Input voltage range: 6.5~30V (2~6S LiPo) w/TVS protection
2x ESC power pads
Current Senor: 78A,  3.3V ADC,  Scale 423
BEC 5V output

Designed for Flight controller, Receiver, OSD, Camera, Buzzer, 2812 LED_Strip, Buzzer, GPS module, AirSpeed
Continuous current: 2 Amps
BEC Vx output

Designed for Servos
Voltage adjustable, 5V Default, 6V via jumper
Continuous current: 3 Amps
BEC 3.3V output

Designed for Baro / Compass module/ OLED and Spektrum RX
Linear Regulator
Continuous current: 200mA

Mounting: 24 x 24mm, F2mm
Dimensions: 41 x 28 x 10mm
Weight: 7g (Total 12g w/ bottom plate and M2 standoffs)


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