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ETHIX Mambo - FPV Fernsteuerung Tracer Starter Set

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We are proud to introduce our Ethix Special Edition Mambo Radio. This edition has a few notable changes that are more tailored to the likings of Mr. Steele & Konasty. First and foremost we gave the front fascia a battleship grey color scheme with a more gritty texture for added grip. Next, the side grips were custom designed with a more rubbery feel for maximum comfort and traction when holding the radio. Along with these physical changes the radio also comes with a gang of upgraded accessories such as, TBS crown jewel stick ends, red and black silicone switch caps (full radio), a new Ethix V2 neck strap, Ethix Stickers, and a heavy-duty low profile retractable kickstand, not to mention the Send dial which goes to “11.” All of these adjustments from the stock TBS mambo give it not only some added character and esthetic flare, but they also make it much more tailored to the pro user who wants the best quality and feels out of their radio. We know you will love it and also we would like to thank you for your continued support. Without you, we couldn’t keep making cool products like this.

- Steele

1 x Ethix Mambo
1 x TBS Mambo remote control
1 x Springs Set (Lower Tension)
2 x Throttle limitation screws (with allen key)
1 x Custom CNC Kickstand
1 x Ethix Sticker Sheet
1 x Ethix Neck Strap V2
3 x TBS Tracer Nano RX

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