ETHIX Goggle Strap Black für Fatshark

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Fat goggle strap so your FPV goggles strap on tight while you teleport to another dimension!

Here at Ethix we strive for perfection. After years of using different straps and finding all the pros and cons of the seemingly simple product, we came up with this. The Goldilocks zone fatshark strap is not too big nor too small(1.5?), a solid grip on the battery, great materials, and stylish looks. We believe this is the perfect fatshark goggle strap.

The ends are standard 20mm wide to fit into the goggle attachements, but then opens out to a fat 60mm for a much more secure fit, and you will be the envy of all your FPV buddies!



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Finde den Strap sehr angenehm zu tragen!
Er sitzt auch fest in den Laschen der Brille und wenn man sich nicht dran hängt bleibt der Strap
Auch da wo er hin gehört!

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Finde den Strap sehr angenehm zu tragen!