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Introducing the Ethix/ThinkTank collaboration backpack that so many have been waiting for. This sleek design all-in-one FPV backpack was made with comfort in mind. No more big bulky square bags wearing a hole in your lower back from a 5-minute walk to the flying spot.

 Using tough lightweight materials this bag includes a 29L interior capacity, along with twin extra tall elastic side pockets for getting stuff quick. Tough  1” webbing rids the bag of excess material and at the same time lightens up the most versatile fpv bag available.

Sticking with our tried and true  compartmentalized multi-bag equipment storage. Using the Ethix heated lipo bag, Ethix Tx bag, Ethix Tool kit, Ethix prop bag, and a standard FatShark goggle case, You can safely carry all of the essentials without worrying about the delicate gear being damaged.

 Air travel is a pain but when you have easy access to separate your lipos and other “scary looking” gear makes the TSA process a little less stressful.

Exterior Dimensions: 12.2” W x 20” H x 6.5” D (31 × 50.8 × 16.5cm)
Internal Dimensions: 11.5” W x 19.5” H x 6” D (29.2 × 49.5 × 15.2cm)
Weight: 2.0 lbs


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Praktischer Rucksack

Geräumiger Rucksack, ideal um die gesamte Ausrüstung unterzubringen. Gute Verarbeitung und Qualität. Der Preis ist trotz der guten Qualität ein wenig hoch, bin aber trotzdem zufrieden.

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Teuer aber den Preis wert

also zuerst hab ich beim Preis geschluckt, aber dann hab ich gemerkt wie gut verarbeitet der ist und wieviel ich da unterbringen kann .
Das rechtfertigt den Preis dann doch schon. Außerdem steht MR Steele drauf

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Cooler Rucksack

Schöner, durchdachter FPV Rucksack mit vielen Fächern und guten Lösungen. Kostet ein paar Euro aber die sind es wert!

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Fantastic Backpack

I needed something bigger than the bag I had been using for the past few years. I shopped around alot, tested quite a few bags and ended up selecting this baby. Its durable, well made, quality materials, heavy duty zipper, very comfortable, excellent value. Its also used by the legend himself ;)

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Perfect pocket distribution and accessability

Big pockets, small pockets and even pockets to be accessed in different ways. Best thing is being able to just rip the front of and flap it open on the ground.