EGODRIFT BlackpearlPRO Unibody Long-X

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BlackpearlPRO Unibody LONG-X

Egodrift präsentiert stolz das Blackpearl PRO Unibody LONG-X: Basierend auf dem gleichen schönen Design des original Blackpearl haben wir eine ganze Reihe von Features und Optimierungen implementiert:

Verbesserte Stabilität

abgeschrägte (abgerundete) Kanten gegen Delaminierung
spezielle Montagemöglichkeit für CONNEX
die weltweit erste Stretch-Material Abdeckung #framestrap, um Ihre Elektronik ohne zusätzliches Gewicht zu schützenBlackpearlPRO Unibody LONG-X

  • 4mm Unibody Platte mit abgerundeten Kanten
  • haltbare 2mm Top Plate & Cam Halter
  • perfekte Montagemöglichkeiten für VTX, RX & XT60
  • Camerawinkel von bis zu 55 ° (oder mehr auf Einzelmontage)
  • Gewicht: nur 93g

Egodrift proudly presents the Blackpearl PRO Unibody: The original Blackpearl Unibody, with its beautiful curved design, the flex carbon material and a weight of just a little over 60g, was a decent frame for hardcore racers in search of top-notch acceleration out of every corner freestylers, who did not want to return to ground anymore following a punchout alike. However, as amazing as it was for these particular scenarios, it lacked in other areas: Especially in regard to stability and well-positioned grids for mounting your gear. We have been asked to produce a 4mm-bottom version quite a few times, but this would haven been too simple for our ambitions: To provide the community out there with just the best equipment money can buy. Therefore we decided to do a complete makeover. Based on the same beautiful design of the original Blackpearl, we've implemented a whole bunch of features and optimizations: First of all to significally improve stability but also to give you more freedom to mount state-of-the-art fpv gear in a way that makes sense. Everyone at Egodrift is a pilot and knows what matters to create a decent build. It's not just about taking the strongest carbon fibre plates and drilling a few holes. It's about well-thought design, the question WHERE you have to drill holes and slots. So for our new Blackpearl PRO, we did a step away from just creating the most beautiful and unique design, heading towards a more "functional" (no-bs) layout. Almost every drill in our new design has it's right and reason to exist. Below you find an overview of all the features the mounting options our new pearl provides.


4mm 3k Carbon bottomplate
2mm 3k Carbon topplate and camholders
Chamfered / Curved Edges
220mm supporting 5" props
Easily mount your Actioncam in a standard TPU mount with a 30cm Lipostrap along with the battery
Cam holder supporting Runcam Swift style mounting up to like 55° (Even more is possible, if you just use 2-hole mounting)
Perfectly located mounting options for XT60 plug on the back of the PDB / AIO
Arms are wide enought to fit als bigger ESCs like KISS24a
Extremly stable & vibration free
Made to have an impact (or more the one)
Amazingly beautiful (made to be loved even by your wife)
A whole lot more


Topplate is just wide and long enough to fit the Connex Transmitter
Bottomplate has specific holes to mount the Connex cam with the standard mounting-bracket provided with every cam
Standard Connex antenna can be mounted with just two zipties to the back of the bottomplate

Analog VTX:

Topplate does allow you to mount your vtx on the left or right side, rather then just in the middle.
This gives you the possibility to align the antenne with its pigtail alongside the vtx. No more buckled pigtail connectors!
Topplate provides a slot at the back, just big enought to fit your vtx antenna.
Due to the well positioned gaps on either side of the slot, you can hold your antenne in place with just a ziptie.
No more prop-desolated antennas!

Additional Info

Motordiagonale (mm) 220 mm
Form Factor LONG-X
Frame Type Quadrocopter
Maximale Propellergröße 5" (Inch)
Rahmengewicht (incl. Hardware) 93g
Rahmenstärke 4mm
Unibody Bottom Plate + 2mm
Top Plate & Cam holders
Spacerlänge (mm) 30 mm
Designer Florin Ramer (Lord Byron FPV)


1 x BlackpearlPRO Unibody LONG-X 4mm Bottom Plate
1 x BlackpearlPRO 2mm Top Plate
2 x BlackpearlPRO 2mm Cam Holder
4 x M3x30mm Aluminium Standoffs Black
4 x M3x10mm Bottom Screws Black
4 x M3x6mm Top Screws Black
1 x BlackpearlPRO Frame Strap

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