DJI FPV Fly More Combo (Modus 2)

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Verfügbar ab: 13.06.2020


Goggles (Polster inklusive) x 1
Antennen x 4
USB-C-Kabel x 1
Kopfband x 1
Sleeve x 1
Netzkabel x 1
Lufteinheit (Kamera inklusive) x 1
Antenne (MMCX-Winkelstück) x 2
3-in-1-Kabel x 1
M2-Schraube x 4
Fernsteuerung (Akku inklusive) x 1


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Great googgles, but could be better with a few tweeks

Best reception of any fpv system out there, IMO. Super clear hd quality, can finally see all those pesky ghost branches that I used to smash my drone into with analog. Comfort - could be better. Lots of light leakeage, also I wish there was a focus adjustment on the lenses like one in the new Fat Sharks Hdo2. But im nit-picking, image quality is amazing

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