Betaflight BLHeli_32 35A 2-6S ECS

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BLHeli_32 is the third generation BLHeli code, following base BLHeli and BLHeli_S. It runs on an ARM 32bit MCU, initially it will be on a Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz, but there are MCUs out there that can run a lot faster. BLheli_32 can run input signals with lower latency at faster rates. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200, and at rates up to at least 32kHz is now supported. Here is what BLHELI_32 has to say about their new "Power to perform": Programmable PWM frequency of up to 48KHz Auto-timing for higher efficiency and reliability Voltage/Current limiting Adjustable ?Brake on Stop? force Improve direction change in Bidirectional mode ESC Telemetry Configuring from FC using DShot commands Features: Built in Current Sensor Extra capacitors to help smooth noisy envrionments. Customizable color choice RGB LED using Blheli_32 software. Large positive and ground pads for easy soldering. 2-6s Lipo input 35A continuous current (can handle burst above 45A but please be reasonable, do not overwork your motors) TX pad on ESC used for Telemetry pad. (connect to FC and you would get current sensing, motor RPM, ESC temperature etc) Specifications : Input: 2-6s LiPoly Constant: 35 Amps Burst: 45 Amps BEC: No BEC, OPTO only Dimensions: 34x16x7mm Weight: 6g (without motor wires) Includes: 1 x Betaflight BLHeli_32 35A ESC 1 x 16AWG Red Silicon Wire 10cm 1 x 16AWG Black Silicon Wire 10cm 3 x 20AWG Black Silicon Wire 10cm 1 x 26AWG Red Silicon Wire 10cm

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