BetaFPV Canopy 85X HD DVR

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How flexibel this canopy is! With the PE material, this canopy is compatible perfectly with Beta85X,Beta75X and Beta75 pro 2. It used for a DIY building of Beta75X with Caddx Turtle V2 camera. Easy installation and anti broken. Moreover, with the 30 degree tilt, you could get the remarkable vision while freestyle flying.

Suitable for Beta75X Frame

PE Material

Note: If you use other screws to install the DVR board, be careful not to damage the electronic components, otherwise will cause the camera to be abnormal.

PE Material, more soft and anti-ruin, effectively prevent canopy from breaking.
Comes with 2pcs M1.4 * 8 screws for easy installation of DVR boards.
The canopy tilt angle is 30 degree and not adjustable.

Material: PE
Weight: 3.8g
Adapt Camera: Turtle V2 camera
Adapt Frame: Beta85X Frame, Beta75X Frame, Beta75 Pro 2 Frame

1 * Canopy for Beta85X HD/ Beta75X / Beta75 pro 2
2 * M1.4 * 8 screws 


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