BetaFPV Beta75X Whoop Frame black

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This Beta75X frame is customed for 75mm 2S whoop drone. This frame natively support 110x motors. Also it has a customed battery slot to support 2S battery. The FC mounting columns still match the whoop style FC boards. At the same time, we would like to keep it durable and light enough for a 2S whoop beast.

Material: Clear plastic
Diagonal motor to motor distance: 75mm
Motor mounting hole: for 110x series motors
FC mounting hole: fully compatible with whoop style FC board mounting pattern, 26mm x 26mm
Battery slot size: 11.5x16mm, for BETAFPV 300mAh battery
Weight: 7.1g

In default, the battery slot is designed for 2S 300mAh battery. If already have many 1S whoop style batteries and want to use the them on the this frame, what shall we do? As show below, with the help of form adapter, 2pcs 300mAh Lipo HV 1S whoop style batteries are inserted in the slot suitably.

Propellers: 40mm 4-blade props (1.5mm shaft hole)
Motors: 110x brushless motors, like 1103 11000KV motors
Batteries: 300mAh 2S Lipo HV batteries
FC & ESC: BETAFPV 2S Whoop FC stack

This plastic durable package can protect the package from deformation during the shipping process.
1 * Beta75X 2S Whoop frame


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