Armattan Tadpole 2.5" Toothpick Frame

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Armattan Tadpole

We've been asked many time to design something smaller for 65mm props. I have been reluctant for two reasons.

The first reason is that there were not many options for small motors and even props for quite some time. By now the popularity of such weight class has brought about many more options in terms of motors, but also good options for 16 x 16 stacks that can run such small models well.

The second reason is that I am not a fan of minimalistic frames with a POD style 3D printed or plastic canopies. And I am not a fan of bottom mounted lipo for frames made for freestyle and fun flying. Seems most freestyle frames today do not bottom mount the lipo. The word is that a top mounted lipo offers better flying characteristics. This is all debatable, but I certainly prefer a top mounted lipo.

I did not think we could make right on weight because having a top mounted lipo means more carbon parts and more hardware adding up to too much weight. So I procrastinated.

I eventually pulled out my pencils and my stencils and decided to draw something up. My goal was to make something light, strong, and it had to have a top mounted lipo. For example, looking at some 5 inch models that have a top mounted lipo, it seemed obvious that the rear end of the model needed not to have the same stack height and needed not to be so wide... These two things alone allowed for shedding enough weight that we stood a chance to make weight.

With Jason Hay's help, we came up with a number of solutions to keep weight down while meeting our design goals.

Introducing the Armattan Tadpole.

-65mm props

-top mounted lipo as it makes more sense for a small fun flyer/ freestyle frame.

-custom alumi front cage fully protecting a nano cam

-custom shorter rear alumi posts

-new rubber moulded vtx antenna mount that is modular with the custom alumi rear posts. No bolts needed.

-slightly slanted aerodynamic top lipo plate. (This is the result of shedding weight from the rear end.)

-dry frame weight (fully assembled): 17.5 grams.

-full specs are listed on this page.

Running 1103s/8000kv on mine and it is silly fast. Feels like 5 inch with more agility.

Tadpole Specs
Frame Weight  17.5 grams
Motor to Motor  119.5mm
Frame Shape  Compressed X
Main Plate Thickness  2mm
Hardware M2           
Motor Mount Pattern  9mm
FC Stack Mount  16x16 or optional whoop AIO bracket
FPV Camera Mount  Nano (14mm)
FPV Antenna Mounts  Customer rubber holder (1.8mm)
Max Stack Height  16mm
Warrantied Parts  Bumper to bumper

Recommended Components
Motor Size  1103/8000kv
Cams  Runcam Nano 2
ESCs  12amp 4in1
Prop Size  65mm or 2.5 inch
LiPo  3S 450mAh


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5 von 5
Guter frame

Ich mag die Sachen von armattan sehr gern. Auch der tadpole ist sehr gut gefräst und sieht aufgebaut sehr nice aus. Einer meiner Lieblingscopter

5 von 5
Good Frame!

Its a bit tight to fit all the components in this frame, but once done this thing flies like a dream. The low deck places the center of gravity closer to the props for a top mount battery making the quad a dream to fly. The arms are solid and dont flex much.

5 von 5

Das ding fliegt wie ein 5er und steckt echt gut was weg. Irrer kleiner ripper der immer und überall geht und richtig spass macht ohne probleme zu bekommen, einfach geil das Teil.

5 von 5
Kleiner Flitzer

Wie alles von Armattan Superqualität und macht sehr viel Spaß damit durch den Garten zu fliegen. Ich habe ihn mir als 3S 2.5 Zoll copter zusammen gebaut. Natürlich ist er aufgrund des Gewichts ein bisschen vom Wind abhängig, aber im Garten fliegt der Kleine wie so manch großer Copter. Klare Kaufempfehlung.