5.8GHz MenaceRC PicoPatch RHCP SMA

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The PICOpatch antenna is our smallest receiving patch that is big in performance, perfect partnering with a circular polarised omni style transmitter antenna. Features Highest Sensitivity for increased range Ergonomic design to fit diversity modules on goggles Can stay on your goggles in the carry case. 5.8ghz Frequency Bands Compatible Circular Polarized for left or right hand Designed for goggles or base stations. Great for diversity setups. Specification Frequency Range: 5645 ? 5945 Mhz Gain: 9.4 dBi Beam Width: 61° at -3db points Right Hand Circular Polarised RHCP SMA Connector (Fits Fatshark Goggles) Dimensions: 37.0mm x 33.6mm x 19.2mm Weight: 10 grams Real World 25mW Range tested to 1.33km 60% increase in range over a 5db patch 20% increase in range over a 8db patch 38% increase range over the Invader patch Reduced multipath propagation compared to 360 degree omni style receiving antenna?s.

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